Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Is Your Kid Ready For Toys?

The first few years of a kid are the more curious ones. This is the time when he/she is attracted to everything colorful, bright and animated. However, when it comes to toys, it is more than it meets the eye. What might look to be “cute” might actually be a first of its kind learning experience or even quite risky. It is the job of the parent to choose wisely when it comes to toys.

As such, a toy should be appropriate to the age, development stage and adaptability of a child. In case, a child is unable to manipulate or even understand the toy (how it works, what is does, etc); it is too complicated for his/her age. Coming to the safety part, it is also not advisable to buy toys with removable parts as they will obviously go into the mouth of the kid and may result in choking and in some cases, even more dangerous outcomes. The general recommendations for buying a toy can be clubbed into the “S” Rule. “S” stands for size, shape, surface and strings. 

  • The smaller a kid, the bigger should be his/her toy
  • No toys for kids should have rough or pointed edges
  • The surface of toys should always be non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Toys for the young (below 5 years) should not integrate any kind of ropes, cords, strings or ribbons

Things to remember while buying toys for kids
  1. A toy should be able to involve and engage the kid. While too easy toys become boring and will be a waste of money, too hard ones will only make the child more confused and irritable.
  2. Focus on age recommendation and child safety. Toys are always labeled showcasing a definite age group it is recommended for.
  3. Always monitor toys for broken parts and parts that can be detached from the main body. It is likely that children below three years of age will be putting it in their mouths, presenting a physical risk.
  4. Don’t go for moving toys which have the potential to pinch, trap or cuts the soft skin of a kid. This will also include items such as stickers and labels which can be dangerous for small kids.
  5. If you have kids in different age group in the same household, have separate spaces for storage.
  6. In case a toy is broken or scratched, it is always good to throw them away of keep it in a place inaccessible to the kid.
  7. Don’t buy toys that present speed and can be dangerous if used irresponsibly. E.g.: paintball gun, water guns, etc.
  8. Outdoor toys need to come with impact absorption properties, e.g., trampolines
  9. Make sure that the toy material is non-toxic, weather resistant and non-flammable

Different toys for different age groups

Birth – 12 months: Toys for this age group present the senses of sight, touch, sound and sometimes, even taste. They should be lightweight, easy to grasp, smooth, big enough not to be swallowed and non-toxic. Good examples would be large balls, push-pull toys and early walkers.

1 – 3 years: Toys for toddlers will focus more on physical play and allow the kid to use his energy and build muscle control. However, make sure they aren’t pointed or toxic as the kid isn’t grown enough to understand the consequences. Examples would be baby strollers, housekeeping tools, sports sets, small bats, some board games.

3 – 5 years: Pre-schoolers have grown old enough to make out the heads and tails of a particular toy and thus can be gifted a little complicated items. Examples would be doll houses, modeling clay, washable crayons, construction sets, character toys, etc.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Buying Kids Accessories: Behave Sensibly

Bringing up a child can be a walk through a minefield. While you are hoping that the next step is going to take you nearer to your goal (of raising your kid rightly), it might strike back and actually harm the child. Modern parents make many mistakes, more so with the first child and the result of course is a faulty childhood. It is important to note here that every parent want to be the best mom/dad and many of them will go many steps further in making sure that their kid gets all he/she demands. This brings us to our core topic – shopping accessories for kids. While a kid is easily attracted to bright and colorful accessories, parents too want their kid to look cuter and be happy. However, there might be several mistakes a parent might be making by buying the wrong kind of accessory.

Common patenting mistakes while buying kid’s accessories

  • Giving everything to the child will only make the child have unreasonable expectations as he grows up and he/she can never be satisfied
  • The mobile crib with rotating toys and too much of light and color can affect the sleep of the child
  • Buying too much – keep off from baby stores!
  • Buying things in a hurry and forgetting the safety standards
  • Buying everything new – “Old is Gold”

Never give too much or never provide too less to a kid. A kid will be happy with anything that makes him/her curious. However, if you are trying to gain the attention of your kid with bright colors and loud sound/music, it might actually be harmful. Long music and constant staring at colorful toys in the crib can distract the kid of the much needed sleep. So, buy only the amount required. It is easy to bring a smile but it is equally easy to cultivate a demanding habit.

Another important thing that parents should understand is the safety standard of the accessory you buy. Kid’s accessories, both in toys and dress are made out of different kind of materials and fabrics, some of which might be immensely toxic for the child. A kid will always be bent on putting everything in the mouth and you would be risking so much with a toxic item. This will include rusted out iron/steel toys, bad quality plastic. The reason for safety concerns is not just toxicity but the shape of the accessories. Some hard plastic can easily bruise the soft lips of a kid. So make sure you are getting right kind of toys, without sharp edges or similar other issues.

When looking to adorn your kid with fashionable clothes, it is also a great idea to go for old clothes (perhaps you have saved some from your childhood) that might also belong to your first kid. Of-course, get new clothes once in a while but don’t indulge in new buys too much. Kids grow up fast and investing in too many clothes will just take up the trunk space and will be of no good use.

Things to remember:

  • Focus on healthy/safety standards
  • Don’t buy accessories that run on batteries or fabrics that have artificial color and are chemically washed
  • Buy less but buy useful
  • Don’t try to indulge the kid too much

Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Trending Clip of Twin Babies Playing Peekaboo at Bedtime

A cute twin babies’ video is trending now days on social media circuits which features twin babies who are playing Peekaboo. This video was recorded by their dad Andy who is a wedding photographer in Liverpool. According to Andy put the babies to bed, after about half an hour he heard sound of giggling. When he came back he saw something unexpected yet funny, Molly and Megan (twin babies) were playing Peekaboo with each other. Then he recorded and uploaded that clip on Facebook. When he woke up he saw more than 1000 likes and 10000 views, which turned to millions within few hours.

You can watch this video below.

Babies usually try to interact with each other and communicate through various giggles and expressions. But sometimes they behave amusingly and things like above happens. Dad Andy a wedding photographer and Mom Lucy a commercial director didn’t let go this opportunity to capture one of the most beautiful moment they were watching. If you have any such funny video of your babies, please share that with us, so that people get some moments to smile. 
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Monday, 6 October 2014

Top 15 Mum Bloggers

Hello Everyone!

We hope you all had a great weekend and must be enjoying first day of the week which brings lots of meetings and plannings. Many of us usually do all those tasks on Monday which we were not able to complete on Friday along with some pre scheduled work for Monday and still there are few tasks which we postpone for next day and this is the vicious circle of life. It’s all about working on something, leaving something, re-defining the priorities and completing the work. So it’s a critically acclaimed fact that no one can complete everything in a single day. 

Similarly it’s not easy for us to bring everything for our readers in few blogs, we always try to bring all but we are only able to bring something and leave the rest for the next posts. To help all our readers Bella n Beau has created below an info-graphic with title “Top 15 Mum Bloggers”. We love these bloggers and that’s why we bring them to you. Have a look and do share it further!!

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